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Clean-up campaign - Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital

Date: March 05, 2017


In the context of the National clean-up campaign, Dr the Honourable Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life has made arrangements for cleanliness exercise to be undertaken at all Regional Hospitals and associated Health Centres.
The cleanliness campaign has been launched at Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital on Sunday 5th March 2017 at about 10.30 a.m.
Outpatient/Casualty Department
Inspection has been carried out at the Casualty and Outpatient Department which had the necessary personnel to attend to patients.
Neo-Natal Unit
Visit was then carried out at the neo-natal unit. Measures had been taken to ensure that the ICU Unit, the Neo-Natal unit had been sterilized, disinfected and well cleaned. There was need to reinforce medical staff to increase the effectiveness of the unit. Equipment and facilities would be upgraded to look after newly born, pre-term, pre-mature babies. They are kept in modern incubators with ventilators to promote breathing. It will help in saving the lives of small children and contribute to their development.
Neuro-surgery Unit
A visit was undertaken to the Neuro-surgery unit. Neuro-surgery services have been introduced at Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital. It is a highly specialised service to treat patients with neurological, brain tumor problem. Instead of going to SSRN Hospital, specialists are now looking after Neuro-surgery cases. Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital is expected to become a reference of the region.
Old Block
The old block has been transferred while preserving its cultural heritage features. The old block which had wooden, old plank flooring has been upgraded. Provision has been made for well-equipped recovery/rehabilitation wards.
Dialysis Unit
A new dialysis is under construction. Water filtration and new dialysis equipment are being installed to extend dialysis and renal treatment for patients of Port Louis region. Patients will no longer have to travel to SSRN Hospital, in the north, for dialysis facility.
The kitchen facility will be improved. The kitchen will be upgraded. The personnel will be reinforced and necessary training will be provided in large scale industrial cooking. They will be able to adjust to new modern equipment to provide healthy food for patients.
A general cleaning exercise is being carried out to ensure that the hospital remains clean and tidy to provide quality health service to inhabitants of Port Louis and surrounding areas.

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