GIS – 28 March 2023: The Officers of the Coronary Care Unit of Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital were rewarded for winning the Gold Award of the Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA) 2022, yesterday, by the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Jagutpal, during a ceremony held at the seat of his Ministry in Port-Louis.

The Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Mrs Devi Chand Anandi Rye Seewooruthun, and other personalities were present on this occasion.

In his address, Minister Jagutpal congratulated the team of the Coronary Unit for their participation and outstanding performance for year 2022 in several activities. These include: the award of Champion to the Harm Reduction Unit for the National Database of Substance Misuse Patients in the context of the implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Outcomes; and the winning of scrabble and football tournament 2022 of the Public Officer’s Welfare Council.

The Health Minister remarked that the Coronary Care Unit of Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital won the Gold Award of the PSEA for the third consecutive time.  This, he underlined, is evidence of the commitment, dedication, and hard work of the medical staff to continuously innovate and provide the best health care services to the public.

Speaking about the Department’s participation in the WSIS, he indicated that the personnel created a software where the details of patients taking methadone are recorded. He added that information of persons taking methadone, since its introduction in 2006 in Mauritius, is henceforth available on a digitalised system and is readily accessible. He commended the staff for developing this software which, according to him, has gained international recognisance.

Minister Jagutpal moreover seized this opportunity to express his thanks to all the personnel of his Ministry for their assiduous work round the clock and prompt service delivery.

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