GIS – 25 July 2023: The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, chaired, this morning at the seat of his Ministry in Port Louis, the 4th Intersectoral Meeting on Dengue Fever.

Representatives of various Ministries, Departments and Local Authorities were present during the meeting.

In a statement, Minister Jagutpal highlighted that the meeting aimed at taking stock of the current situation in the Republic of Mauritius and the measures being undertaken so as to mitigate the spread of Dengue Fever. He recalled that the first positive cases of Dengue Fever have been detected since the beginning of June 2023 in Mauritius.

The Minister indicated that the best way to tackle this issue is to focus on the Tiger mosquito, which is a vector of Dengue Fever. He remarked that cases were detected mainly in Port Louis, Roche Bois, and Tombeau Bay. Those having been affected by Dengue Fever are tested and isolated so as to prevent the virus from spreading into the community, he added.

Dr Jagutpal nonetheless conceded that there is still work to do in order to completely control the spread of Dengue Fever, despite a decrease in the number of positive cases registered. He also appealed to the population to undertake all necessary precautions so as to avoid being affected by Dengue Fever.

Furthermore, he underlined that the meeting was an opportunity to confirm the number of tests available for Dengue Fever, take stock of the number of inspections carried out around the island and lay emphasis on the need to sensitise the population. He also dwelt on the importance of cleaning campaigns so as to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.

It is recalled that since June 2023, 94 mosquito surveys were carried out; 1,782 yards were inspected; 501 fogging operations were carried out; some 70,771 premises were fogged; 119 sites were found to contain larvae of Tiger mosquitoes; 270 sanitary notices were served; and two contraventions were established.

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