Prevention of Emerging Infectious Diseases

In addition to the above programmes, the unit also undertakes activities related to communicable diseases with a view to further strengthen the ongoing surveillance programme for the control of communicable diseases.

The NCD, Health Promotion and Research Unit was entrusted to coordinate and implement the Vaccination Programme for COVID-19 Vaccines, following the development of the National Deployment Vaccination Plan.  The COVID-19 vaccination campaign has been ongoing since the 26th January 2021 and till date Mauritius has received 3,503,710 doses of different COVID-19 vaccines. The Unit was also assigned the task of Vaccine deployment and cold chain monitoring from the General Warehouse to Regional Pharmacies and finally to the vaccination centres.  The vaccine storage modalities and a calendar for its administration are handled by this Unit. An inventory of available vaccine is monitored by the NCD, Health Promotion and Research Unit along with the Pharmacist in charge at the General Warehouse and Regional Pharmacies.  Random spot checks are carried out by our staff to cross-check the vaccine inventory in the Regional Pharmacies. 

The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is being sustained for the administration of 1st, 2nd, booster and second booster dose vaccine for adults and administration of vaccine to adolescents aged 12 to 17 years.

Till date, total number of persons vaccinated in Mauritius and Rodrigues from 26 January 2021 to 17 July 2023 is as follows: 1,029,625 First Dose; 992,812 Second Dose; 656,238 Third Dose and 18,890 Fourth Doses respectively.

With the sudden outbreak of Dengue fever in Mauritius, in June 2023, the NCD-HP Unit seized the opportunity to carry out half day training on prevention strategies for Dengue in Mauritius.  In view of this training, our staff further planned meetings with “Forces Vives” to strengthen the Anti-Dengue campaign which includes health talks and sensitisation.

Up to now, 3101 people have been duly sensitized with respect to 686 local community leaders, 1630 senior citizen/ women associations/ community leaders and 785 teachers and students respectively.

Sensitisation Campaign in the community and School:

In order to provide appropriate assistance to the queries of the population in regard to COVID-19, calls are being received through the hotline service 141.

  • Rapid Antigen Test at the Prime Minister’s Office

Rapid Antigen Test is performed every Friday at the Prime Minister’s Office prior to the Cabinet Meeting of the Ministers.

  • Rapid Antigen Test at the National Assembly

Moreover, every Tuesdays, the staff of NCD, Health Promotion and Research Unit carry out Rapid Antigen Test at the National Assembly for Hon Members.

Rapid Antigen Test performed by the NCD, Health Promotion and Research Unit staff.

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