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Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Tel No. (+230)831-1628
Fax No. (+230)831-2123
At present the Health service in Rodrigues is provided by:
 One main hospital (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) which is situated at Creve Coeur and was opened in 1959.
 2 Area Health Centres (Mont Lubin and La Ferme) and
 11 community Health Centres
Services provided

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital offers a 24-hour.

The Area Health Centres of Mont Lubin and La Ferme also offer a 24-hour service.
The Community Health Centres offer a day service.
Facilities available at Rodrigues:
 Medical Specialist
 General Surgery
 Dental surgery
(Major cases are referred to Mauritius)
Anciliary Department
 Laboratory Services
 X- Ray services
 Pharmacy Department
 Physiotherapy Department
 Family planning Unit
Administrative Services

Health Director
Dr P. Sookram
Senior Medical Records Officer
Mr M. Seebaruth