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Infrastructural Projects



The infrastructural outlook of health institutions is but a mirror of the quality of services offered, especially in terms of accessibility. The Ministry of Health and Wellness is, therefore, setting up state-of-the-art infrastructures around the island to cater for the need of the whole population. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is responsible for the proper implementation of minor infrastructural works and capital projects.


Key Staff


​Mrs. Devi Chand Anandi Rye Seewooruthun
​Senior Chief Executive
​201 1912 / 201 2726
​208 0376
Mr. D. Conhye
Ag. Permanent Secretary
201 1902 201
Mrs. K.D. Gunputh-Lutchumun
Deputy Permanent Secretary201 1914201
Mrs. S. RamjuttonAssistant Permanent Secretary201 2760201
Mr. M. Cowlessur
Civil Engineer
​214 8844
201 1934 

Consultancy Services for the implementation of major public health infrastructural projects have been entrusted to Hospital Services Consultancy Corporation (India) Ltd., a Government of India enterprise under a G to G Agreement with the Government of India. The Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development (MNICD) also provides technical expertise for the implementation infrastructural projects.


The different projects implemented over the past two years are as follows:


ENT Hospital, Vacoas


The virtual opening of the ENT Hospital was carried out on 03 October 2019 jointly by the Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of Mauritius. The Hospital has been constructed at the existing site of the old ENT Hospital at Vacoas. The services provided thereat are:

  •                                      Emergency OPD
  •                                      Operation Theatre for local and general anaesthesis cases
  •                                      X-Ray/CT scan
  •                                      Orthodontic services
  •                                      Currently, the ENT Hospital is being used as a COVID-19 treatment facility



Cancer Hospital (Phase 1)

Since 1969, the Victoria Hospital has been accommodating the sole Department of Radiotherapy with no major upgrading of existing infrastructure thereat.


Phase 1 (Renovated Building)

A soft launching of the Renovated Building of the Cancer Hospital at Solferino was held on 23 October 2020. The opening of the Renovated Building will ease to some extent the pressure at the Victoria Hospital through the provision of chemotherapy services and to ensure that all patients benefit from the required treatment.



Phase 2 (New Building)

Construction work for the New Building has reached 86% as at 31 October 2021 and the Cancer Hospital is expected to be completed in February 2022.



Floréal Mediclinic

The Floréal Mediclinic was inaugurated on 30 January 2020. The design and supervision of the works were done by the Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development. The Floréal Mediclinic is the first Mediclinic in Health Region 5 and the following services are provided:

  •                                      General and Non Communicable Diseases consultations
  •                                      Diabetic care services
  •                                      Diabetic Foot Care clinic
  •                                      Retinal Screening
  •                                      Podiatry
  •                                      Family Planning
  •                                      Antenatal care clinic
  •                                      Psychiatric clinic
  •                                      Skin clinic
  •                                      Paediatric clinic
  •                                      Gynaecologist
  •                                      Dental clinic
  •                                      Vaccination


Petite Rivière AHC

A new Area Health Centre was constructed at Petite Rivière to replace the old Community Health Centre thereat in order to cater for the increasing number of patient's attendances and coping with the demand for additional health services in the catchment area. The new AHC was inaugurated on 06 February 2020 and provides the following services:

  •                                      General and Non Communicable Diseases consultations
  •                                      Family Planning Services
  •                                      Maternal and Child Health Services
  •                                      Community based rehabilitation services
  •                                      Specialists clinics in obstetrics and gynecology and a pediatric clinic
  •                                      Echography test for pregnant women
  •                                      Nutritionists
  •                                      Dental services



Tombeau Bay CHC

The Tombeau Bay Community Health Centre caters for a population of around 13,000 inhabitants from a catchment area covering the following villages: Baie du Tombeau, St. Malo and St Joseph. The CHC was inaugurated on 04 March 2020 and the Ministry provides the following services threat:

  •                                      Treatment of common diseases and minor injuries
  •                                      Maternal and child health services
  •                                      Expanded programme of immunization
  •                                      Family planning and reproductive health
  •                                      Dedicated NCD clinics including diabetes foot clinics
  •                                      Health promotion activities
  •                                      Dental services
  •                                      Pharmacy services


Phoenix CHC

A new Community Health Centre was inaugurated at Phoenix on 08 May 2019. The CHC is providing the following services:

  •                                      General and Non Communicable Diseases consultations
  •                                      Antenatal consultation
  •                                      Family planning
  •                                      Nutritionist
  •                                      Diabetic care services
  •                                      Vaccination
  •                                      Community based rehabilitation


Flu Clinics (COVID-19 Testing Centre) at Regional Hospitals

In view of the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flu' Clinics (COVID-19 testing centres) were constructed at each of the five regional Hospitals. The purpose of the Flu Clinics is to separate patients with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms to a one-stop-shop outstation within the hospital's compound where they would be systematically screened for COVID-19.


The World Health Organization and the United Nations Development Programme have provided financial support for the construction of one Flu Clinic each. Furthermore, IBL Ltd. provided financial support for the construction of two Flu Clinics. All the Flu Clinics are fully operational and are helping in the prevention of resurgence of the disease.



Capital Health Infrastructural projects

Health Infrastructural projects at the Ministry which are currently in-progress are as follows:

  •                                       New Flacq Teaching Hospital
  •                                       New Cancer Centre (Solferino) Phase 2
  •                                       New Moka Eye Hospital
  •                                       New Area Health Centres at Henrietta, Cap Malheureux, New Grove and Plaine Magnien
  •                                       New Mediclinics at Quartier Militaire, Coromandel, Bel-Air and Stanley.
  •                                       New Community Health Centres at St François Xavier, Roche Bois, Grand Bay, Points aux Sables and Trou D'Eau Douce.


New projects in the pipeline:​

  •                                       National Health Laboratory Services Centre (NHLS)
  •                                       New Modern Warehouse for Pharmaceutical Products & other medical equipment
  •                                       New Renal Transplant Unit at J. Nehru Hospital
  •                                       New Mediclinics at Chemin Grenier, Grand Bois.
  •                                       New Cardiac Centre