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Government Analyst Division

​Government Analyst Division




“To provide high quality analytical services in a timely manner to its clients and maintain state-of-the-art laboratory facilities."

The Governm
ent Analyst Division (GAD) is the Chemical Laboratory of the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) and falls under the directorate of Public Health.  The division is a one-stop-shop for chemical analysis. The activities at the Division are:

  1. 1. Regulatory activities
  •     Food analysis as per Food Act
  •     Alcohol analysis as per Exercise Act
  •     Drinking water analysis as per Environmental Protection Act 2002


  1. 2. Clinical analysis
  •     Toxicological screening for body fluids from patients in poisoning cases
  •     Heavy metals in Biomedical samples


  1. 3. Occupational Health
  •     Determination of blood cholinesterase level for exposure to pesticides
  •     Heavy metals in Body fluids for industrial workers


  1. 4. Quality Control of Pharmaceuticals for the MOHW


  1. 5. Support activities for Ministry of Health and Wellness
  •     Dialysis water quality from Haemodialysis Unit
  •     Methadone quality for Harm Reduction Unit


  1. 6. Analysis of samples submitted by the Dangerous Chemical Control Board

  2. 7. Analysis of food samples served during official banquets and investigation of food poisoning

    The GAD caters for both public and private entities.  Private firms and individuals are charged fees for services from GAD. The GAD carries out tests on around 3500 samples per year corresponding to 35000 test parameters.  The GAD has a staff of 33 including Government Analysts, Technical Officers and General Services officers.




Mission Statement​

To achieve our vision, the following rules shall be guide us in the journey to organisational excellence, in terms of product/service, customer, resources, geographical, technological and ethical aspects:


  • Products/Service
  • We shall provide high standard of testing services using validated and internationally recognised test methods. We will work towards constantly improving our services and reducing turnaround time.

  • Customer
  • We shall commit ourselves in maintaining customer satisfaction.

  • Resources
  • We shall provide adequate training to our personnel to enable them deliver to their full potential. We shall promote self-improvement for our personnel and welcome innovative ideas from all. 

  1. Geographic
    We shall provide our laboratory services for the betterment of the people of the Republic of Mauritius promoting good health, fostering economic growth and preservation of the environment.

  • Technology
  • We shall always make full use of analytical testing tools, techniques and available technologies through internationally organised events, proficiency testing and inter-laboratory comparison exercises.

  • Ethics
  • We shall strive to ensure that activities are carried out in an ethical manner to ensure that the integrity of the sample and results while providing full confidentiality and impartiality. We shall respect the dignity of every person and be courteous at all time.




The GAD is accredited by MAURITAS to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 quality management system.



Procedure for submission of samples to GAD for analysis.​

  1. 1. Contact GAD through for a quotation. Please include number of samples and tests required. Only an official quote will be accepted when submitting samples.

  2. 2. GAD will prepare a quote and send to the customer by email together with the applicable Request Form.

  3. 3. Customer will then take an appointment for submission of sample by email or phone (466 5601).

  4. 4. Customer brings samples to GAD (quantity to the submitted will be specified in quote) and tender the exact amount. Cheques should be addressed to “Government of Mauritius".

  5. 5. GAD will communicate the reports to the customer by mail after analysis is completed. It is also possible to make arrangements to collect the reports at GAD premises.




Indicative Laboratory Fees


For Private entities

Request form Private food Samples

Request form Toxicology

Request form Cholinesterase level Occupational Health- Private

Request form Trace Elements in Body Fluids_Private

Request form Non-Food

For Ministry of Health and Wellness

Request form Health Office Food Samples

Request form Health Engineering Unit– Water

Request form Dialysis Water

Request form Methadone analysis

Request form Pharmaceuticals Products

Request form Toxicology

Request form Non-Food

Contact Details

Government Analyst Division​​
Contact personDr V, Goury
DesignationActing Chief Government Analyst
Tel466 5601
Fax466 1621
Address1st Floor, National Laboratories Complex, Réduit
Postal code80835