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April 21, 2017

Salon de la Santé et de la Famille

​With the initiative of ‘Defi Media Group’ the ‘Salon de la Santé et de la Famille’ has been held at the Free Port Zone area, Port Louis from 21-23 April, 2017.    The ‘Salon de la Santé et de la Famille’ has been launched by Dr the Hon. Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life on Friday 21 April, 2017 in the presence of high ranking representatives of Media Group, representatives of Ministry of Health and Quality of Life and representatives of firms and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) taking an active part in the ‘Salon de la Santé.’   The Minister of Health and Quality of Life brought out that according to a survey conducted in 2015, 22.8% of adults are affected by Diabetes. Some 28.4% of adults showed symptoms of h ...

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March 07, 2017

Courtesy visit by Her Excellency Mrs Aya Saad, Amb ...

​  H.E. Mrs Aya Saad, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Egypt paid a courtesy call on Dr the Hon. Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life. The opportunity was taken to hold discussion on assistance and cooperation in the field of Health. Egypt was extending assistance to Mauritius in a number of areas including Medical and Health services. Training was being offered to Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing and other personnel. Lately an offer was made for training on ‘Medical Coexistence’ as well as partnership to dispatch ‘medical convoys’ to extend assistance to surrounding African countries in relation to medical care. A proposal was made to draw a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to reinforce co-operation for training, e ...

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March 07, 2017

Courtesy Visit by Mr Jean Pierre Roussetty, Commis ...

​        Following recent Regional Elections Mr Jean Pierre Roussetty has been appointed as Commissioner for Health for Rodrigues. He has taken the opportunity in the course of his visit to Mauritius to pay a courtesy call on Dr the Hon. Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life. During discussion, it was decided that Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port Louis will arrange to look after patients from Rodrigues in need of necessary medical care. Rodrigues was witnessing an increase in the number of cancer cases, namely Breast and Cervical Cancer. Besides cancer problems there was need for specialist services in Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy, Orthopaedics. It was decided that on a regular basis arrangements would n ...

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March 05, 2017

Clean-up campaign - Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital

​ In the context of the National clean-up campaign, Dr the Honourable Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life has made arrangements for cleanliness exercise to be undertaken at all Regional Hospitals and associated Health Centres.   The cleanliness campaign has been launched at Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital on Sunday 5th March 2017 at about 10.30 a.m.   Outpatient/Casualty Department   Inspection has been carried out at the Casualty and Outpatient Department which had the necessary personnel to attend to patients.   Neo-Natal Unit   Visit was then carried out at the neo-natal unit. Measures had been taken to ensure that the ICU Unit, the Neo-Natal unit had been sterilized, disinfected and well cleaned. There was need to ...

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December 22, 2016

Patient's day 2016

Patientt's Day Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital   Dr A Gaffoor Jeetoo Hospital   The Minister A.Gayan attended the Patient's Day organised on Monday 19th December 2016 at 3.30 p.m. He brought out that new specialised services in terms of coronary care Intensive unit, neuro-surgery services were being extended at Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital. It was important to observe discipline and avoid absenteeism which may disrupt smooth running of the discipline and to strive to provide quality care. He paid visits to paediatric wards and presents and gifts were offered to children under treatment at the hospital      Brown Sequard Mental Health Care Centre     Minister Gayan was present at the Patient's Day organized at BSMHCC. The programme included a ...

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Start Time:Apr 16, 2017

Visit to Rodrigues

 Dr the Hon Anwar Husnoo, Minister of Health and Quality of Life, led a delegation to pay an official visit to Rodrigues from 16-19 April, 2017.   In the course of the visit, a work session was held on 17 April, 2017 with Mr Pierre Rousetty, Commissioner of Health and Sports and the Departmental Head responsible for health. It was a thought provoking session where important aspects such as treatment of patients from Rodrigues in Mauritius, reinforcement of personnel, training, and improvement of facilities to cope with health care in Rodrigues were raised.   A thorough visit was undertaken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The opportunity was taken to hand over a much needed specialised equi ...

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Start Time:Apr 07, 2017

World Health Day - 7 April 2017

​ The world Health Day is celebrated on 7 April 2017 every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) The theme chosen to mark World Health Day this year is "Depression- Let's talk". World Health Day is an opportunity to reflect how diseases cause misery and suffering. In the context of World Health Day we may stock of the advancement in medicine to cope with health complications and the range of illnesses in order to alleviate suffereing and keep people in sound health. It is important to carry out medical check up, to detect any disease and to provide treatment at an early stage before the aggravation of any health problem. In the ...

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Start Time:Mar 06, 2017

Visit of PILS representatives to the Minister

Le directeur de PILS, Nicolas Ritter, a affirmé que la lutte contre le SIDA est «l’affaire de tout le monde» et a souligné l’importance d’une bonne coordination avec le ministère de la Santé et de la Qualité de la vie.   Il faut rappeler que Nicolas Ritter accompagné de Dhiren Moher, tous deux de PILS, l’ONG Prévention information lutte contre le sida (PILS), ont eu une prise de contact ce matin avec le Dr Anwar Husnoo, ministre de la Santé et de la Qualité de la vie.   Le but de cette visite, selon Nicolas Ritter, était de passer en revue la situation actuelle et de déterminer quelles stratégies adopter dans la lutte contre le SIDA.    Pour le Directeur de PILS, «il y a encore de g ...

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Start Time:Mar 02, 2017

Courtesy visit by Professors Francois Sztark and Dominique Dallay of University of Bordeaux, France

​ Dr the Hon. Anwar HUSNOO, Minister of Health and Quality of Life received the visits of Professors Francois Sztark and Dominique Dallay of University of Bordeaux on Thursday 02 March, 2017 at 3.00 p.m. Professor Sztark is the 'Directeur de Relations Internationale, Collèges Sciences de la Santé, Université de Bordeaux' and he is also the 'Chef de Pole d'Anesthésie Réanimation au Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Bordeaux.'   In his capacity of ''Directeur de Relations Internationale' at University of Bordeaux, he has been coordinating all specialised training programmes since 2008. As 'Chef de Pole d'Anesthésia Reanimation' he has been 'Directeur Pédagogique' for specialisati ...

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Start Time:Mar 01, 2017

La mise en place d'un ‘Spinal Surgery Unit’ au centre des discussions

​ Le Professeur Gehrchen Martin, Spinal Surgeon et Head of Spine Unit du National University Hospital de Copenhague, Danemark a rendu une visite de courtoisie au Dr Anwar Husnoo, Ministre de la Santé et de la Qualité de la Vie hier (mercredi 01 mars 2017).    Le ministère était représenté par l'Acting Director-General, Health Services, Mme M. Timol tandis que le Professeur Martin était accompagné du Dr E. Rajan, Consultant en Charge en Orthopédique.   Les discussions entre le Prof Martin et le Ministre Husnoo se sont portés sur une collaboration plus étendue entre le ministère de la Santé et le National University Hospital de Copenhague.    Il a été notamment question d'étudier la po ...

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