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Ministry of Health and Wellness

Composition of the Committee


Composition of National Pharmacovigilance committee [ Dec. 2019 –Dec.2021]

1.    Chairman : Dr.D.Jugessur –consultant Internal Medicine

Members : 

1.    Mr. S.Ramphul – Director Pharmaceutical Services

2.    Mr. H.K.Bucktowar – Deputy Director Pharmaceutical Services .

3.    Dr. D.Sibartie –Consultant Paediatrician

4.    Dr. A.A.Doarika –Consultant Dermatologist

5.    Dr. F.Khodabaccus – Public Health Superintendant

6.    Dr. Mrs. V.S.Neergheen-Bhunjun – Lecturer University of Mauritius

7.    Mr. M.Teeluck – Epidemiologist

8.    Mrs. R.Mawlaboccus – Registrar Pharmacy Board

9.    Mr. S.Jaulim : Senior Nursing Officer

10.Mr. Nuvin Jugessur – Community Pharmacist

11.Mr. Nurveen Sunassee – Pharmacist , Wellkin Hospital

12.Mrs. S.Lalloo – Pharmacists / Senior Pharmacist MOH&Wellness .

13.Mr. J.Bohoorun –Principal Pharmacist , National Pharmacovigilance Unit

      Other members will be co-opted as and when required .​



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