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Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

Composition of the Committee

The National Pharmacovigilance Centre is the executive arm of the Committee
Composition of the National Pharmacovigilance Committee:
1.      Dr.Yee  Hoy - Specialist /Senior Specialist, Internal Medicine, Victoria Hospital Chairperson
2.      Mrs S. Boolell  Principal Pharmacist i/c of the Pharmacovigilance Centre
3.      Dr. Bhoma : Gynecologist
4.      Dr. Doarika : Dermatologist
5.      Dr. P.How: General Practitioner
6.      Dr. F Khodabacus : Community Physician
7.      The Director Pharmaceutical Services
8.      the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board
9.      Mrs S. Rajanah  : Nursing Officer
10.  Mr. M.Teeluck : Epidemiologist
11.  Mr. A. Chooroomooney : Community Pharmacist
12.  Dr (Mrs) A.Jheelan-Ramxchandur Lecturer, Department Health Science, University of Mauritius
13.  Mrs D. Chui Wan Cheong  Pharmacist (Private Hospital )
14.  Ms. A. Mangatha Pharmacist (Public Hospital)
15.  The Registrar of the Pharmacy Council as and when required


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