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Ministry of Health and Wellness

About Us

General Functions and Administration
The Ministry operates under the portfolio of the Minister of Health and Quality of Life.
The functions of the Ministry are:
  • To develop a comprehensive health service in order to meet the health needs of the population;
  • To investigate the influence of physical environment and psychosocial domestic factors on the incidence of human diseases and disability;
  • To plan and carry out measures for the promotion of health;
  • To institute and maintain measures for the prevention of diseases including the epidemiological surveillance of important communicable diseases;
  • To provide facilities for the treatment of diseases, including mental disease by maintenance of hospital and dispensary services;
  • To make provisions for the rehabilitation of the disabled;
  • To control the practice of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy;
  • To provide facilities for the training of Nursing Officers, Midwives, ancillary hospital and laboratory staff and Health Inspectors;
  • To advise local government authorities regarding their health services and to inspect those services;
  • To prepare and publish reports and statistical data and other information relating to health;
  • To implement a Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health Programme; and
  • To initiate and conduct operational bio-medical health studies of diseases of major importance in the country.


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