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Ministry of Health and Quality of Life>WHO Global Conference on Health and Climate change

WHO Global Conference on Health and Climate change

WHO Global Conference on ‘Health and Climate change” for SIDS of Africa and South East Regions.


21-22 March 2018


Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in view of their small size, geographical remoteness are prone to the whims and vagaries of climate change. SIDS countries are vulnerable to the phenomenon of climate change associated with increase in temperature and gradual rise in sea level. Climate change bringing in its train natural calamity has serious repercussion on the health sector.

The newly elected Director General of WHO has announced that ‘health impacts’ of climate change will be one of his priorities. For this reason WHO has ascertained that addressing health effects of climate in Small Island States will appear prominently in the WHO global programme of work for 2019-2023. 

The WHO has therefore taken the initiative to organize in geographically dispersed locations the global conference on ‘Health and climate change’.


WHO has set its choice on Mauritius as the venue of the global conference on ‘Health and climate change’ for Africa and South East Asia SIDS regions

The conference has been scheduled from 21-22 March 2018 at Westin Resorts and Spa Turtle Bay, Balaclava.

The conference has been attended by an array of eminent participants namely Ministers of Health and Ministers of Environment of SIDS member countries, Dr St. John, Asst. Director General of WHO of Climate and Determinants of Health, Dr Bagayoko of WHO Regional Office, Dr Boureima Samba WHO Director Climate and Determinants of Health, delegates from WHO, representatives and experts from SIDS members countries on aspects of Health and Climate change



The conference has provided unique opportunity to SIDS delegates to share experience to assemble, to get together, to have in-depth, thorough in depth discussion. Through genuine forward looking concentration frank innovative Action Plan has been elaborated. The Action Plan will be submitted at the World Health Assembly of WHO in May 2018 and undertaking has been taken to express as one, united forceful voice the need to accommodate Health within the overall package of financial assistance for SIDS countries to steer on the path of growth and sustainable development.​ 



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