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Ministry of Health and Quality of Life


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Patient's day 2016

Date: December 22, 2016


Patientt's Day

Dr AG Jeetoo Hospital


Dr A Gaffoor Jeetoo Hospital


The Minister A.Gayan attended the Patient's Day organised on Monday 19th December 2016 at 3.30 p.m. He brought out that new specialised services in terms of coronary care Intensive unit, neuro-surgery services were being extended at Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital. It was important to observe discipline and avoid absenteeism which may disrupt smooth running of the discipline and to strive to provide quality care. He paid visits to paediatric wards and presents and gifts were offered to children under treatment at the hospital


JH (2).jpgJH.jpg


Brown Sequard Mental Health Care Centre


Minister Gayan was present at the Patient's Day organized at BSMHCC. The programme included a lively sega song by inmates of the Hospital, a peace song and an amusing sketch by the staff. In his message, the Minister highlighted that everything was being done to treat patients affected with mental disturbance or depression. However, it was necessary that there be a change in mentality on the part of the family, relatives, the community. The relatives tended to ignore and not pay visits to persons admitted for mental treatment. For this reason a number of patients continue to stay at the hospital. He made an appeal to the kindness of relatives, parents, the community to pay attention to the patients, play an important role to facilitate the adaptation and integration of the patients in society. Presents and gifts were offered to patients in high dependency to bring sunshine and light to the young in the context of Christmas and New year celebration.  

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ENT Hospital


Hon A.Gayan, Minister of Health and Quality of Life paid a visit at ENT Hospital on occasion of celebration of patient's day. The Hospital offers specialized Ear, Nose, Throat/neck treatment. Following clearance of Building Plan Committee (BPC) the Minister announced proceeding with formalities for tender project by February 2017. A new ENT Hospital will be put up with assistance of Government of India. Temporary arrangements will be made to shift ENT Service at Victoria Hospital. Overseas well-versed specialists will be brought to treat complicated cases such as cochlear implant to build up capacity of specialists/ medical staff of our country and  to curb expenditure for overseas treatment. The Minister proceeded with the distribution of presents to children under treatment at paediatric wards.  

ENT.jpgVH (4).jpg

Victoria Hospital


 Hon A.K Gayan, Minister of Health and Quality of Life marked his presence at Patient's Day at Victoria Hospital.

Victoria Hospital has evolved with expansion of Cardiac Centre, improvement and upgrading of patient's wards at outpatient ward, setting of new operating theatre blocks. A state of the art Central Health Laboratory Project will be implemented. After approval of Central Procurement Board (CPB) procedures will be followed to embark on Phase I of new cancer project. In parallel there will be formalities for phase II of the project.
Minister Gayan proceeded to distribute presents in both male and female wards.  
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Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital


 Minister A.K Gayan was present at the Patient's Day organised jointly by Cardiac Centre and Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital (SSRNH). Minister Gayan proceeded with distribution of presents/ gifts to patients at Female Cardiac ward of Cardiac Centre. He then attended the ceremony to mark patient's Day. It was brought out that measures had been taken by Cardiac Centre to bring specialists from Reunion as well as from Chennai, India to carry out surgical intervention on small babies, children with complications. The surgical interventions have been successfully carried out to save the children and ensure their survival. In the same vein the Minister announced his policy to review the overseas treatment scheme. Instead of sending patients for overseas treatment specialists would be brought to our country to treat patients' .It will be an opportunity tom our specialist and medical personnel to keep abreast of latest techniques and at the same time contribute towards capacity building. It will pave the way to convert Mauritius into a Medical Tourism Hub.


He also observed that there was a tendency to over admit, over investigate or over prescribe with regards to treatment of patients. He made mention of a case where too many medicines had been prescribed for an elderly patient. With regards to Anti-Biotics, with the co-operation of the Regional Director of WHO, a protocol for prescription of Anti-Biotics will be ready by the end of December 2016. It will be a guideline for use by Medical Professionals when prescribing Anti-Biotics.
He bought that when patients opted to get treatment in private Hospitals, they were prepared to pay for the treatment and even if they were required to wait they hardly complained. But when they attend to public Health Institutions/ Hospitals there was a tendency to complain. For this reason he had conveyed decision that a notice be fixed at Public Hospitals to inform the public in general that minimum waiting time will be 2 hours. During the festive period there may be patients converging to hospitals. He made an appeal not show diligence when extending health care.
The Minister proceeded with distribution of gifts and presents to paediatric ward renovated with the assistance of the Young Protection Society grouping, young medical professionals and Nursing cadre dedicated towards constructive social work.
The ceremony wound up with symbolic Tree-Planting by the Minister.

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