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Ministry of Health and Wellness

Director's Message

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Medical laboratories and blood banks are reckoned as a mainstay for any comprehensive medical service.  The services offered by Central Health Laboratory (CHL) and other regional hospitals play a key role in the health care of the population.  Indeed it is said that more than 70% of medical decisions are based on laboratory investigations.
Laboratory services are responsible for the screening of diseases, diagnosis of diseases in patients and monitoring their treatment, carrying out investigations for public health purposes and conducting laboratory based research activities and training of medical and paramedical students.
The Central Health Laboratory, main laboratory of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life, comprises eight distinct departments namely Biochemistry, Haematology, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, Histopathology, Cytopathology and Blood Transfusion Services.
In year 2016, HLS carried out more than 14.5 million tests, covering a range of some 299 different tests to meet the requirements of all hospitals and private practitioners in Mauritius. These tests carried are supported by a 395 officer strong workforce based at 17 different sites.
Laboratory tests are performed by three categories of officers - the medical staff services consisting of Consultants & Specialists (Pathology), Clinical Scientist cadre (based in Biochemistry and Virology Departments) and Medical Laboratory Technologist cadre working at all laboratory sites, the latter being the largest manpower component. Tests which are not carried out at regional hospitals and at peripheral levels are referred to the Central Health Laboratory.
This website shall be the window through which we will showcase HLS and present vital information to the required stakeholders and the public at large.  We will present some statistical information, a comprehensive list of tests and services as well as workload statistics over the last few years. 
The website also consists of regulations and code of ethics under which we operate as well as a photo gallery of events and necessary contact information.  We will regularly update the homepage with news and updates, hoping that the website proves to be a useful tool in liaising with our stakeholders and the public at large.
Dr S.S Manraj
Director, Laboratory Services


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