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Ministry of Health and Wellness

Health Laboratory Services

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To become a regional centre of excellence in health laboratory services

To provide quality, equitable laboratory services that meets National and/or International Standards and promotes improved health outcomes for the people of Mauritius through support to patient management and disease surveillance and control in an integrated health care delivery system.


Laboratory Services at Candos started in 1958 when it was shifted from Reduit to Candos and become known as the Central Health Laboratory (CHL).  Training at that time was in-house and subsequently technicians were sent to the United Kingdom to follow a course leading to the AIMLT as such a course was not available in Mauritius. The course was sponsored by the government.

In 1973, the University of Mauritius started to give courses to trainee laboratory technicians leading to the Certificate and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.  Since then regular intake of student laboratory technicians took place.

The first reorganization exercise of the laboratory started in 1980. The posts of Senior Medical Laboratory Technician, Principal Medical Laboratory Technician were subsequently created.

In 1984 the Biochemistry Department of the Central Health Laboratory started to participate in External Quality Assurance (EQAS).

In 1987 a Virology Laboratory was set up and the ELISA test for HIV was introduced.  CHL Computerization Project started in 1994 and is ongoing. A brand new Regional Virology Reference Laboratory Building was inaugurated in 1996 where it also housed the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS)

In 1998 the Cytology department (formerly associated with the Histopathology Department) was created and given a new placement in the CHL building in 2006.  An Immuno-Histochemistry (IHC) service was set up in 2007 in Histopathology to assist in cancer diagnosis and monitoring by Hormone receptors and Tumour Markers’ assays.

As regards computerization, two systems exist: CHLCP (Central Health Laboratory Computerization Project) implemented in 1995 and BTSCP (Blood Transfusion Service Computerization Project) implemented in 2008. The CHLCP is a Laboratory Information System which allows storage, retrieval and processing of laboratory data while BTSCP consists of a system connecting all blood banks and cross-matching departments of regional hospital laboratories. 

In 2009 a new molecular biology unit was created in Virology department.  PCR technology was introduced for rapid and reliable detection of viral diseases such as AH1N1, Influenza, CHIK, Dengue and also for viral load determination in HIV/AIDS patients.

The other major landmarks of the HLS over the past decade are as follows:-

þ  2010
ISO 9001 Certification for NBTS
þ  2013
Opening of new A.G.Jeetoo Hospital Laboratory
þ  2016
Implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) in     Biochemistry, CHL & TB Laboratory.
þ  2017
   Introduction of NAT testing to improve blood safety & Next 
   generation sequencing technology for genetic tests


































































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